EP 2007

2007, Number 1,
ISSN 1898-5238
The actual use of investigative physiopsychological examinations in Germany

Legal and practical aspects of using the polygraph in the Republic of Lithuania

Polygraph examinations in Poland

The development of polygraph examinations in Singapore

Selected aspects of uncertainty in polygraph examination

Polygraph examination studies at the University of Silesia

Standard for Polygraphic Examinations in Criminal Cases

Interrogation and Interview: Investigative Psychology


2007, Number 2,
ISSN 1898-5238
From forensic psychophisiology to forensic neurophysiology. New trends in examinations in the detection of deception

Polygraph in the Polish Secret Service

An attempt to falsify the results of a polygraph test through the implementation of false memory: a case study

Polygraph examination of a serial killer with sexual motives

Book review: “Situational sequencing tests in polygraph examination(s)”