EP 2008

2008, Number 1 (3),
ISSN 1898-5238
Is the Lie Detector an American Obsession?

The Event Knowledge Test Alibi Testing Potential in Polygraphic Examination

The Validity of Polygraph Examination
of an Innocent Person and a Perpetrator Administered Several Years after a Murder

Book review: „Ekspertyza wariograficzna” [in:] „Ekspertyza sądowa. Zagadnienia wybrane”
Vol. 2, 2008, Number 2 (4),
ISSN 1898-5238
Interrogations using polygraph in Russia: 15 years of legal application

Test Structure and Administration

The Behavioral Analysis Interview: Clarifying the Practice, Theory and Understanding of its Use and Effectiveness

The Event Knowledge Test (EKT) in Polygraph Examination (in case murder)

Book review: Gatekeeper: memoirs of a CIA polygraph examiner

Book review: O kłamstwie i kłamaniu (On lie and lying)

Report: AAPP Thirty First Anniversary Polygraph Seminar
Vol. 2, 2008, Number 3-4 (5-6),
ISSN 1898-5238
Individual Differences in Comparison Question Anxiety

Ways of Revealing Resistance Against Polygraph Testing

You Can’t Run, But You Can Hide: A Critical Look at the Fight or Flight Response in Psychophysiological Detection of Deception

The Event Knowledge Test (EKT) in Polygraph Examination (common notice of tactics)

Report: “The Usage of the Polygraph in Criminal Examination as well as in the Psychophysiological Testing of Staff”