EP 2010

Volume 4, 2010, Number 1 (11),
ISSN 1898-5238
Tuvia Shurany,
Confirmed Mental Countermeasure Case in Costa Rica

J. Pete Blair, Patricia A. Hom,
Running Head: Understanding False Confessions

Edward Lewandowski, Łukasz Lewandowski,
Forensic Examination of Memory Traces (Part 2)

Jan Widacki, Jerzy Konieczny, Badania poligraficzne. Podręcznik dla zawodowców [Polygraph examination. Handbook for professionals], Wydawnictwa Akademickie i Profesjonalne, Warszawa 2009, pp. 221


volume 4, 2010, number 2 (12),
ISSN 1898-5238
James Allan Matte,
A Field Study of the Backster Zone Comparison Technique’s Either-Or Rule and Scoring System Versus Two Other Scoring Systems When Relevant Question Elicits Strong Response

Tuvia Shurany, Fabiola Chaves,
The Integrated Zone Comparison Technique and ASIT PolySuite Algorithm: A Field Validity Study

Marek Lesniak, Magdalena Zubanska,
A Comparison of Polygraph Examination Accuracy Rates Obtained Using the Seven-position Numerical Analysis Scale and the Objective Scoring System (A Study on the Polish Population)

Natalia Mirska, A. Vrij, Wykrywanie kłamstw i oszukiwania. Psychologia kłamania i konsekwencje dla praktyki zawodowej, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellonskiego, Kraków 2009; A. Vrij, Detecting Lies and Deceit: Pitfalls and Opportunities, Second Edition, Wiley Series in the Psychology of Crime, Policing and Law, John Wiley & Sons 2008


vol. 4, 2010, number 3 (13),
ISSN 1898-5238
Jerzy Konieczny,
Polygraph Examination as Scientic Evidence

Małgorzata Wronska, Review of Materials and Proceedings from Conference on Using the Polygraph in Forensic and Human Resource Studies


volume 4, 2010, number 4 (14),
ISSN 1898-5238
James Allan Matte,
Guiding Principles and Benchmarks for The Conduct of Validity Studies of Psychophysiolog-ical Veracity Examinations Using the Polygraph

Michał Widacki,
The Attempts at Detecting Deception Through Evaluation of Non-verbal Symptoms

Vitas Saldžiunas, Aleksandras Kovalenko
Field and Laboratory Polygraph Examinations

Jan Widacki, Vladimir Kniazev Detektor lzhy na strazhe istiny (Lie Detector Guarding the Truth) Print-Center, Minsk 2009, 360 pp. (book in Russian)