EP 2011

volume 5, 2011, number 1 (15),

Jan Widacki,
Logical Identity of Conclusions from Polygraph Testing Performed in Control Questions Test (CQT) and Guilty Knowledge Test (GKT) Techniques

Vitas Saldžiunas, Aleksandras Kovalenko,
A Little About Memory Traces

Book reviews
Jerzy Konieczny, T. Shurany, I. Ravid
Evaluation of Polygraph Charts: Formats, Criteria and Scoring [T.I. Publications 2004, 150 pp]


volume 5, 2011, number 2 (16),

James Allan Matte,
Psychological Aspects of the Quadri-Track Zone Comparison Technique and Attendant Benefits of its Inside Track.

Tuvia Shurany,
Polygraph Verification Test

Marcin Gołaszewski, Report: Recent Polish Polygraph Experts
Seminar – Szczytno, Poland, May 26–27, 2011

Book reviews
Małgorzata Wrońska,
Normy prawne i standardy branżowe w zakresie badan poligraficznych w wybranych krajach (Legal Norms and Industry Standards in Polygraph Examination in Selected Countries),
Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego (Internal Security Agency), Emów 2011, 118 pp.


volume 5, 2011, number 3-4 (17-18),

James Allan Matte,
Effect of Habituation to Least Threatening Zone Questions on the Most Threatening Zone Comparison Questions in Psychophysiological Veracity Examinations

Henryk Polakowski, Mariusz Kastek, Jarosław Pilski,
Analysis of Facial Skin Temperature Changes in Acquaintance Comparison Question Test

Anna Ibek,
The Result of a Polygraph Examination as an Argument in Criminal Investigation

Vitas Saldžiunas, Aleksandras Kovalenka,
Efficiency Formula for Polygraph Examination

Michał Widacki, Aleksandra Cempura,
Legal Admissibility of Employee Polygraph Examinations in Poland

Natalia Mirska,
Report from the 4th Interdepartmental
Polygraph Seminar, Waplewo 2011