EP 2013

volume 7, 2013, Number 1 (23)

James Allan Matte
The Connection between Score Threshold, Rate of Inconclusives and Minimum Number of Charts Required for Decision of Truth or Deception

Taras Leshkovych
Use of Polygraph in Ukraine
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Tuvya T. Amsel
Comparative Review of Polygraph and Other Diagnostic Tools and Methods

Book reviews
Marcin Gołaszewski
Piotr Herbowski, Badania poligraficzne jako metoda weryfikacji wersji śledczych (Polygraph examinations as a method for verifying investigative scenarios)


volume 7, 2013, Number 2 (24)

Christian Bachhiesl
The Search for Truth by “Registration of Expression” – Polygraph Experiments in Graz in the 1920s

Tuvia Shurany, Fabiola Chaves,
Testing a Deaf Mute Examinee in Costa Rica
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Monika Stempkowski,
Polygraph in Austria

James Allan Matte
Limited response to Marcin Gołaszewski’s Conclusions From the Meta-Analytic Survey of Criterion Accuracy of Validated Polygraph Techniques

Book reviews
Agnieszka Domin-Kuźma, Współczesne standardy badań poligraficznych
[Contemporary standards of polygraph examination],
edited by Michał Gołaszewski


volume 7, 2013, Number 3 (25)

Cleve Backster (Grover Cleveland “Cleve” Backster Jr)

Barry Cushman
Grover Cleveland Backster Jr – The Passing of a True Pioneer

Charles A. Patton
The Integrated Zone Comparison Technique; a Field Utility Study in a Deceptive Population
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Nathan J. Gordon, William L. Fleisher
A Realistic Perspective of the Art and Science of Forensic Psychophysiology

Vitas Saldžiunas, Aleksandras Kovalenka
Examination of Sexual Abuse Crimes

Marcin Gołaszewski
Report from the International Polygraph Seminar – Waplewo, Poland, 25th–27th September 2013


volume 7, 2013, Number 4 (26)

Professor Udo Undeutsch (1917–2013)

Col. Marian Jóźwiak (5th March 1930 – 21st December 2013)

Jan Widacki
History of Polygraph Examinations in Poland

James Allan Matte
fMRI Lie Detection Validity and Admissibility as Evidence in Court and Applicability of the Court’s Ruling to Polygraph Testing
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Book reviews
Jan Widacki, Martyna Huszcza, Effective Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques – Third Edition, by Nathan J. Gordon and William L. Fleisher