EP 2014

volume 8, 2014, Number 1 (27)

Jennifer M. C. Vendemia,
fMRI as a Method of Detection of Deception: A Review of Experiences

Daniel T. Wilcox, Marguerite L. Donathy,
British Experiences of Polygraph Testing Sexual Offenders an Update

Karolina Dukała, Romuald Polczyk,
Value of Vontent-Based Deception Detection Methods

Marcin Gołaszewski,
Polish Society for Polygraph Examinations was founded


volume 8, 2014, Number 2 (28)

Professor Gediminas Petras Žukauskas, MD (15th May 1947–11th May 2014)

Jan Widacki,
Results of Polygraph Examinations: Direct or Circumstantial Evidence?
Marcin Gołaszewski,
Polygraph Examination of Pregnant Women: Dilemmas and Recommendations
Vitas Saldžiūnas, Aleksandras Kovalenka,
Field Examination: Certain Phenomena Related to Electrodermal Activity

Donald J. Krapohl,
Letter to the Editor: Calculating Polygraph Decision Accuracy

Conference on the Prospects for Instrumental and Non-Instrumental Lie Detection


volume 8, 2014, Number 3 (29)

Jerzy Konieczny,
Polygraph examination in analysis of evidence
Bartosz Wojciech Wojciechowski,
Content analysis algorithms: an innovative and accurate approach to statement veracity assessment

Book review
Frank Horvath,
Credibility Assessment: Scientific Research and Applications, eds. D. Raskin, C. Honts, J. Kircher, Elsevier, New York 2014, 374 pp.

Jan Widacki,
Report from the 49th Annual Seminar / Workshop of the American Polygraph Association, Seattle (Washington) 7th–12th September 2014
Anna Szuba-Boroń,
Report from scientific conference on Perspectives of Instrumental and Non-Instrumental Lie Detection

Recommendation to our readers


volume 8, 2014, Number 4 (30)

Jerzy Wojciechowski,
Detection of concealed information with of the P300 potential amplitude analysis

Marek Leśniak,
Selected Problems in Evaluation of Polygraph Examination Results

Book review
Jan Widacki, Anna Szuba-Boroń,
Jarosław Kucharski, Usprawiedliwione kłamstwo we współczesnej etyce stosowanej, Akademia Ignatianum, Wydawnictwo WAM, Kraków 2014, 315 pp.