Volume 11, 2017, Number 1 (39)


Barbara Leśniak, Marek Leśniak: Examinee Assessment of Distress Caused by Polygraph Examination …..5
Jan Widacki, Anna Szuba-Boroń: Polygraph Examinations of Civil Servants in Poland …..15

Practicum. The CQT “How To” & “Why To” by Tuvya T. Amsel …..25

Literature review. Look from the West…
Tuvya T. Amsel: Ginton A. Examining Different Types of Comparison Questions in a Field Study of CQT Polygraph Technique: Theoretical and Practical Implications, Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling, 2017 …..33

The Basic Information for Authors …..39
Rules and regulations concerning publishing papers in European Polygraph …..41
Ordering Information …..43

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