Volume 11, 2017, Number 2 (40)


Bakhtiyar Aliyev: The Role of an Interpreter in Polygraph Checking …..51
Boranbay Baisakhalov: Considering National, Cultural, and other Features of Kazakh-Speaking Subjects of Polygraph Examinations …..63
Tuvya T. Amsel: The Deceptive Human and the Detection of Deception …..75
Viktoriya Larina: Main Features of Polygraph Examiners Training …..85

Literature review. Look from the West…
Tuvya T. Amsel: Nelson R., Handler M., Smitley B., (2017),“Practical Polygraph: FAQ on Electrodermal Activity and the Electrodermal Sensor”, APA Magazine 2017, 50 (3), 60–76 …..95

Literature review. Look from the East…
Jan Widacki: “Enciklopedia poligrafa” [in Russian] (Encyclopaedia of the Polygraph), by Andrei V. Losev, Andrei A. von Miller, Konstantin I. Ryabov, Rustem R. Sadekov, Rustem F. Latipov; Naslednie, Moscow 2016, pp. 454.. …..101

Reports, Discussions, Polemics
Anna Ibek: Report from the International Conference on Polygraph Examination in Central and Eastern Europe after 1990, Krakow, Poland. 12–13 June 2017 …..105

The Basic Information for Authors …..109
Rules and regulations concerning publishing papers in European Polygraph …..111
Ordering Information …..113

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