Volume 11, 2017, Number 3 (41)


Milan Kormoš: Polygraph Examinations in the Department of Special Psychology of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic – a Retrospective View …..119

Discussions, polemics
Tuvya T. Amsel: Redefining the Road for the Industry …..129

Literature review
Tuvya T. Amsel: J. Lepore, “On Evidence: Proving Frye as a Matter of Law, Science, and History”, The Yale Law Journal, 2015, 124, 1092–1158, and J. Lepore, “The Secret History of Wonder Woman”, Knopf, Borzoi NY 2014 …..139

Marek Leśniak: Jan Widacki, Historia badań poligraficznych [literally “History of polygraph examinations”, Oficyna Wydawnicza Krakowskiej Akademii im. Andrzeja Frycza Modrzewskiego, Kraków 2017, 197 pp.] …..145

The Basic Information for Authors …..149
Rules and regulations concerning publishing papers in European Polygraph …..151
Ordering Information …..153

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