Volume 11, 2017, Number 4 (42)


Bruce White: The Distribution of Useful Frequencies in Polygraph Sensor Channels …..161

Łukasz Lep: Polygraph Examinations in the Secret Services of the People’s Republic of Poland …..167

Literature review. Look from the West…
Michał Widacki: Tuvya Amsel, Practicing Polygraph, best practice guide, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, North Charleston, 2017 …..183

Literature review. Look from the East…
Vitaliy Shapovalov: L.G. Alekseev, F.V. Potemkin, The Problems of Applied Psychophysiology, Buki Vedi, Buki Vedi, Moscow 2017, 302 pp. …..189

Report, Discussions, polemics
Marcin Gołaszewski: Report from the 10th Interdepartamental Polygraph Seminar Waplewo 2017 …..195

The Basic Information for Authors …..199
Rules and regulations concerning publishing papers in European Polygraph …..201
Reviewers …..203
Ordering Information …..205

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