Volume 12, 2018, Number 1 (43)


Karina Anastasova: Differences in the Quality of the Photoplethysmograph Signal in Subjects with and without Nail Polish …..7

Nathan J. Gordon, Feroze B. Mohamed, Steven M. Platek, Harris Ahmad, J. Michael Williams, Scott H. Faro: The Effectiveness of fMRI Data when Combined with Polygraph Data …..19

Tuvya T. Amsel Inconsistent Polygram …..27

Book and research review
J.W.: Tuvia Shurany, Nathan J. Gordon: The Foundation of Polygraph. The Pre-Test Interview, Columbia SC 2018, 78 pp …..33

J.W.: James Q. Murdoch: How to pass a polygraph, San Bernardino 2018, 23 pp. …..35

Tuvya T. Amsel: N. Klein Sellea, B. Verschuereb, M. Kindt, E. Meijer,
T. Naharia, G. Ben-Shakhar, “Memory Detection: The Effects of Emotional Stimuli”, Biological Psychology 2017, 129, pp. 25–35

The Basic Information for Authors …..41
Rules and regulations concerning publishing papers in European Polygraph …..43
Ordering Information …..45

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