Volume 12, 2018, Number 2 (44)


Tuvya T. Amsel: Does the Law Circumvent Justice from Being Served? …..53

Tuvia Shurany, Nathan J. Gordon: Idiosyncrasies in Chart Evaluation …..59

Book review
A.B. Pelenitsyn, W.A. Kazakov, A.P. Soshnikov: Osnovy anatomii i fiziologii dla poligrafologov [in Russian], The Basics Anathomy and Physiology for Polygraph Examiners, published by „Centr Prikładnoj Psychofizjologii” [„Center of Applied Psychophisiology”], Moscow 2018 (186 pages, 47 colour pictures) J.W. …..69

The Basic Information for Authors …..71
Rules and regulations concerning publishing papers in European Polygraph …..73
Ordering Information …..75

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