Volume 12, 2018, Number 3 (45)


Zbigniew Mikrut, Michał Widacki, Jan Widacki: Experiments in Using Face Temperature Changes as an Indicator in Instrumental Detection of Deception …..85

James Allan Matte: Setting the Record Concerning the Differences Between the Matte Quadri-Track and the Backster Zone Comparison Techniques …..107

Tuvya T. Amsel: A History Note: A Peep at the “Peak Of Tension (POT)” Test & other “Recognition Tests” …..117

Book review
Piotr Girdwoyń, Tadeusz Tomaszewski: Jan Widacki: Historia badań poligraficznych (literally: “history of polygraph examinations”) …..125

The Basic Information for Authors …..129
Rules and regulations concerning publishing papers in European Polygraph …..131
Ordering Information …..133

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