Volume 13, 2019, Number 1 (47)


Stanley M. Slowik, Frank S. Horvath: Chicago: Where Polygraph Becomes a Science …..7

Jan Widacki, Natalia Mirska, Małgorzata Wrońska: Verbal and Non-verbal Symptoms of Deception in the Eyes of Policemen and Psychologists …..25

Book review
JW: Избранные публикации из журнала «Европейский полиграф» (Izbrannyye publikatsii iz zhurnala “Yevropeyskiy Poligraf”; Selected publications from European Polygraph journal), Moscow 2019 …..43

Vitalii Shapovalov: Довідник поліграфолога. Валідні формати тестів та системи бального оцінювання (The Polygraph Examiner Resource Guide. Validated Polygraph Techniques and Scoring Systems; has been established by the team of practical polygraph examiners of Ukraine: Vitalii Shapovalov, Dmytro Zubovskyi, Diana Alieksieieva-Protsiuk, Olesia Goncharova)…..45

Certificate Impact Factor …..47
The Basic Information for Authors …..49
Rules and regulations concerning publishing papers in European Polygraph …..51
Ordering Information …..53

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