Volume 13, 2019, Number 3 (49)


Dear Readers …..117

Jan Widacki: Attempts at Lie Detection Based on Scientific Premises on the End of 19 Century and in the First Half of the 20 Century …..121

Tuvya Amsel: Planting the Seeds of Polygraph’s Practice. A Brief Historical Review …..141

Book review
J.W.: Uskikov I.P., Tschernenko R.V., Komponienty formirovania voprosov sravnieniya. Sbornik spietsialnih voprosov, Kyiv 2019. [Components for phrasing control questions], in Russian; 102 pp. …..157

Discussions, polemics

Marcin Gołaszewski: Report from the 54th Seminar of the American Polygraph Association …..161

Certificate Impact Factor …..167
The Basic Information for Authors …..169
Rules and regulations concerning publishing papers in European Polygraph …..171
Ordering Information …..173

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