Volume 14, 2020, Number 2 (52)



Donald J. Krapohl: Electrodermal Response Ratios: Scoring Against the Stronger of Two Comparison Questions in Search of an Optimal Minimum Threshold …..9
Daniel T. Wilcox, Alexander Jack, Marguerite L. Donathy, Rosalind M. Berry: Case Studies Using the Polygraph to Assist in Assessing Sexual Risk in Three Clerics …..17
Jonathan J. Shuster, Mark Handler: Trying an Accused Serial Sexual Harasser for Libel in a US Civil Court …..37
Tamerlan Stanislavovich Batyrov: Important Aspects of Polygraph Examinations of Islamic Faith People …..49
Daniel T. Wilcox, Nikki Collins: Polygraph: The Use of Polygraphy in the Assessment and Treatment of Sex Offenders in the UK …..55

Book reviews

Jan Widacki: Magdalena Kasprzak: Badania wariograficzne w polskim systemie prawnym (literally: “Polygraph examination in the Polish legal system”), Instytut Wydawniczy EuroPrawo, Warszawa 2020 …..65

The Basic Information for Authors …..67.
Rules and Regulations Concerning Publishing Papers in European Polygraph …..69

Reviewers …..71

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