Volume 15, 2021, Number 2 (54)


Avital Ginton: From a Rigid Cover to an Elastic One Via a Blanket too Short. An Adaptive Polygraph Approach …..9
Małgorzata Mickoś, Marek Leśniak: On the Influence of Sleep Deprivation on the Results of Polygraph Testing …..31
Jan Widacki: Major Ludwik Krzewiński, MD – the Creator of Polish Narcoanalysis …..41

Book reviews

James Allan Matte: History of Polygraph Examination by Jan Widacki, Polskie Towarzystwo Kryminalistyczne, Warszawa 2021 …..55

Jan Widacki: Aleksandr Motlyach: Poligrafologia (Polygraphy), Izdatelstvo Osvita Ukrainy, Kyiv 2021, pp. 568 (in Russian) …..57

Polygraph. Science and Technology. Announcements

From the Editors: …..61

Marcin Gołaszewski: Summary of Doctoral Dissertation …..63

The Basic Information for Authors …..67
Rules and Regulations Concerning Publishing Papers in European Polygraph …..71

Reviewers …..73

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