Volume 16, 2022, Number 2 (56)


Avital Ginton: Thoughts on the Inconclusive Zone in Comparison Question Test (CQT) …..9
Jagoda Dzida: The Effect of Training on the Effectiveness of Deception Detection …..23
Jan Widacki, Bartosz Wójcik, Anna Szuba-Boroń: Attempt at Detection of Deception Based on Records of Physiological Reactions Remotely Captured with FaceReader Software. Part 1. …..37


Frank Horvath: Voice in the discussion …..53

Book review

Vitalii Shapovalov: Л. Удалова, С. Чернявський, Д. Алєксєєвої-Процюк, Поліграфологія: основні терміни і поняття [L. Udalova, S. Chernyavs’kyy, D. Alyeksyeyeva-Protsyuk, Polygraphy: basic terms and concepts, Kyiv 2022] (in Ukrainian) …..59

The Basic Information for Authors …..61
Reviewers …..65
Rules and Regulations Concerning Publishing Papers in European Polygraph …..67

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